Community Service

(Bright Futures) Community Service and Volunteering

In order to earn a Bright Futures Scholarship students must complete either 75 or 100 volunteer services hours during high school depending on the scholarship you are striving for. In addition, by completing these hours students will earn one-half (0.5) credit of an elective towards their Lyman Diploma. The links below include the directions, guidelines, plan application, and service logs you'll need to complete this requirement.

When can I start volunteering?

Your hours must be completed during high school, therefore you can start your service during the summer prior to entering high school.

What do I do once I complete my required 75 or 100 hours?

Once you have completed your hours and have them logged on the Volunteer Service Log sheets with all signatures, turn in your completed logs and your one page essay to your School Counselor.  Your essay topic should be about your volunteering experience and what you learned from that experience.  Once received, your Counselor will enter your hours and .5 credit on your official transcript.

When are my hours due?

The state of FL requires all volunteer hours to be turned in to your school no later than the date of your high school graduation.

Not sure where to volunteer? can help connect you with volunteer opportunties, including Virtual Volunteer Opportunities.