9th - 11th Grade Registration

9th – 11th Grade Student Registration Timeline: 

**Students please make sure you are checking your SCPS email address.

Feb. 24 - During Paws Period the registration process will be reviewed with students. Students will be provided with Registration Planning Forms to help them map out their course selections for next year. Included on this form will be directions on how to access their credits toward graduation in the Graduation Requirements Tab in their Skyward account. This information should be used to help plan course selections for next year to ensure students stay on track toward graduation.

March 1 - Lyman Administration will pre-register each student's core academic courses (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) into Skwyard based on the appropriate course progressions and teacher recommendations. 

March 11 - Registration is Now Open!!!!  An email was sent on March 11th at 3:00 PM with directions on how to check your pre-loaded academic courses and request elective courses in Skyward.  If you want to request a change to one of your Academic Courses or wish to take an additional Academic Course, simply complete the Change Request/Course Override Form.

March 22-26 - Lyman Counselors will visit F2F science classes to answer any questions and to assist students who need help with finalizing their registration.  

How do I request a change for a 2021 - 2022 Course Request?

Course Change/Override Form

Additional Registration Forms and Applications: 

Virtual Period Request Form

Senior Off-Campus Study Hall Request Form

Dual Enrollment Registration Step by Step

Registration Planning Resources: 

Lyman HS Curriculum Guide

Registration Planning Form

Lyman HS Graduation Requirements