Greyhound Paws Period

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​August 10-14 Lesson: Opening Day Procedures  

August 29 Lesson: Get Involved

September 12 Lesson

9th and 10th grade Students

11th and 12th grade Students

1. For more information about Apprenticeships: LINK1

2. For more information on vocational/technical schools:
LINK 1 - Seminole State Certificate Programs 
LINK 2 - Orange Technical College 
LINK 3 - Valencia Technical College 
LINK 4 - Career Education 
LINK 5 - Job Descriptions 
LINK 6 - US Department of Education Office of Career and Technical Education 

3. For more information on the military: 

4. For more information on career self-assessments:  LINK 1

5. For more information from Florida Shines including Bright Futures Scholarship: LINK 1

October 17 Lesson

9th- 11th Grade Students:

12th grade Students: 

November 14 Lesson

9th-10th Grade Students:

11th Grade Students: 

December 12 Lesson

9th-10th Grade Students:

11th Grade Students: 

March 27 Lesson

9th-10th Grade Students:

11th Grade Students:

12th  Grade Students: