Office of Student Services Staff

Student Services Office

The Student Services Office Staff is available to assist parents and students with important information and services. The areas of need and person(s) responsible are provided below to provide students and parents with the best possible service.

Parent Reception, General Information, New Enrollments

Myla Hall - 407-746-2312,


Karen Scharnberg - 407-746-2010,

Skyward Access

Rebecca Hessler - 407-746-2011,

Parent Teacher Conferences

Mariana Crespo - 407-746-2018,

Records, Transcripts, Withdrawals

      Elaine Harabaglia - 407-746-2053,

ESE Records, ESE Program Support

Carina Nicholas - 407-746-2049,

FTE and Data Management

Mary Edmiston - 407-746-2109,

Debbie Campanaro - 407-746-2134,

Testing Coordinator

Machaela Grady - 407-746-2231, 


Certified School Counselors

Lyman assigns students in the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program, or the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program to specific School Counselors in order to best serve student needs. Students not participating in these two programs are assigned to a School Counselor based on the student’s last name.

Student Names: A-Con

Mary Kemetz, Certified School Counselor


Student Names: Coo-Go

Judy Lee, Certified School Counselor


Student Names: Gr-Man

Mary Scalione, Certified School Counselor


Student Names: Mar-Per

Ryan Rogers, Certified School Counselor


Student Names: Pet-Sa & ESOL

Melinda Leftheris, Certified School Counselor


Student Names: Sc-Z

Mary Adessa, Certified School Counselor


Student Names: A-Z ESE

Wendy Thompson, Certified School Counselor


For all other inquiries, please call: 407-746-2050

Student Services Fax Line: 407-746-2008