Weekly Events for Black History Month

February 03, 2019

Please see the list of events for all Greyhounds in recognition of Black History Month

Our celebration of Black History Month kicks off this Friday 2/1 with a special video presentation from The Young Men of Excellence class, as well as extended morning announcements. Every Tuesday and Thursday during break and lunches, we invite you to come out and enjoy the fun and culturally enriching events our Young Men of Excellence in collaboration with the Black American Culture Club have prepared for our entire Lyman family. From our African American trivia challenge to the Black American Culture Rocks taste of soul, we are sure you will find many fun events to enjoy. We have also collaborated with the PBS team in order to provide students the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt that will not only support Positive behavior on our campus, but also allow students a chance to learn about black history. As we know, the month of February was chosen to celebrate, honor and learn of the many accomplishments African Americans have contributed to this country and we look forward to having you celebrate with us.

Black History Month Flier and Lyman Event Calendar