Senior Scholarship Update - 3/10/21

March 10, 2021

Seniors! Check out the following information regarding upcoming scholarship due dates!

$$  Lyman Senior Scholarship Highlights on 3/10/21 $$

Seniors, you need to mail in your application for Handsome Dave Chambers Scholarship and South Rotary Club Scholarship.  See the submission details.  Before spring break, you can ask your teachers to give you several copies of recommendation letters and order additional transcripts if needed.  Taking advantages of spring break, you can apply as many scholarships as you can!  Continue to monitor two scholarship lists, the county scholarship master list and the Lyman specific scholarship list.  The lists can be found on the Lyman website, under Student Services > Money for College > SCPS scholarships.  Please monitor closely the upcoming due dates! 

Lyman Scholarships:

3/19/Friday "Handsome Dave Chambers" Scholarship- South Seminole Optimist Club: Mail in or drop off your application package at the designated address.

3/22/Monday Seminole County South Rotary Club Scholarship: Mail in your application package.  The application must be received by 3/22/21

4/02 Carlton Henley Scholarship - $500 · Sam Momary Scholarship - $500 · Bill Scott Scholarship - $500: Due at Lyman Student Services

4/02 The Serrato-Munoz Scholarship: a minimum weighted 3.0 GPA/ having housing instability/: Due at Lyman Student Services

What is Housing Instability? - Partnering for Change (

4/02 Eddie Campbell Memorial Scholarship from the Foundation for SCPS/online application ONLY: a Lyman High School Junior Varsity OR Varsity graduating senior

5/08 National Center for Simulation Modeling & Simulation Scholarship: Due at Lyman Student Services

SCPS Scholarships:

3/12 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Scholarship Program, Sanford Alumnae Chapter

3/12 Pearlie Lift- Up Scholarship Service Award

3/15 Hispanic Heritage Scholarship

3/19 Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association 2021 Full-Ride Hospitality Scholarship

3/26 Seminole State College Wayne M. Densch First Generation Scholarship

3/29 Henry T. Wetherall Memorial Scholarship 2021

3/29 Society of St. Vincent de Paul Educational Financial Assistance Program in Memory of Anthony Cipparone

3/29 2019-2020 Samuel Beauchamp "Jim" Crowe American Citizenship Essay Contest

3/31 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Nu Iota Omega Chapter HBCU High School Scholarship

3/31 Zeta Phi Sorority, Inc. The Blue Five Pearls Foundation, Inc. Chi Phi Zeta Chapter Chapter of Seminole County

3/31 PEO Chapter BQ, Florida Scholarship

4/02 Senior Scholarships from the Foundation for SCPS (total 12 scholarships/ online application ONLY)

5/08 National Center for Simulation Modeling & Simulation Scholarship: Due at Lyman Student Services

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SCPS Scholarship List:

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