Paws Period - First Days

August 06, 2018

Important first days scheduling: Aug 10, 13, 14 - Paws Mentor Period

Parents & Students,

This year, we are excited to announce that we have developed an additional course for all students titled, Greyhound Paws Period.  The purpose of the mentor period is to pair students with a teacher mentor that can provide consistent support and guidance in order to help students achieve at high levels and gain additional life skills that we do not always have the time to teach in our content area courses. To learn more about this period, I have created a YouTube Video for you to watch or you can continue with the information below.

The course will meet once per month between 2nd and 3rd period on Wednesday’s.  Students have been assigned to teachers based on their grade level, which will allow us to differentiate the lessons based on the needs of the child.  For instance, during one of the lessons, our younger students will learn about Organization and Time Management while our older students will learn about Post-Secondary Planning (early decision dates, career planning, college applications, letters of recommendation, transcript requests, etc.).  Additionally, your child will remain in this same Paws Period throughout the rest of their high school career. 

On your child’s schedule, you will notice this course, Paws Period C/O 20XX, listed as period 9, 10, 11, or 12. As mentioned, our Paws period will take place once per month.  The dates can be seen on the Blue/Gold Calendar as an Orange Day, which can be viewed by clicking HERE.  For the first three days of the school year, students will report to this class to start the day before attending periods 1-7.  This will give us the opportunity to distribute all of the required forms, collect completed forms, review the purpose of the Paws Period, and will also allow students and teachers to get to know each other. If your child does not have a 1st or 2nd Period, please have them attend their Paws Period in order to receive their first day materials.  They can stay in the Media Center during 1st and 2nd Period, since they don’t have a class. The bell schedule for these days is listed on the second page of the bell schedules, HERE.

This course has the opportunity for us to team together to add an additional layer to the education your child will receive.  We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to teach your child and we look forward to an outstanding year!


Mr. Rice
Lyman High School