Code Red Drill and Fire Drill 2/13/20

February 13, 2020

There will be two monthly safety drills on 2/13/20

Lyman High School Parents & Guardians,

Thursday, February 13th, at approximately 11:34 am, Lyman High School will perform a Code Red Drill.  Our drills are designed to practice the procedures and protocols that will keep all students and staff safe in the event of an actual active threat. Specifically, this month’s drill will be focused on practicing our protocols that would be utilized when an Active Threat occurs during a time when students are changing classes.  

Please note that this will be a drill and only a drill.

In addition, we will also perform our monthly Fire Drill during 5th period.  Students will be evacuated to their designated locations in order to practice our protocols and will return to their 5th period class once the drill has been completed. 

We will notify you at the conclusion of both drills.    

Thank you for your understanding. 


Mr. Rice
Lyman High School