2018 Parking Decals

June 01, 2018

Please read important information and get the forms necessary to apply to park on campus.

Beginning this year, we will sell parking decals to Seniors first, starting July 9th.

Juniors will have a chance to purchase their decal staring August 1st.

Decals will be sold from 9am-12pm daily starting July 9th.

Due to limited parking and an overcrowded parking lot this year, we will not sell parking to Sophomores until later in the year; if space is available.

Please note, each student will be assigned a spot this year rather than having General Parking. When students purchase their decal, they will select their parking spot. This spot will be their assigned location for the entire year. In addition, we will continue the Senior Parking Spot Painting, which will happen on August 18th, from 8am-1pm

Parking Applications and Details