Summer Assignments

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Several courses offered at Lyman High School require a summer assignment to be completed upon students return to classes for the 2019-20 school year. The purpose of the summer assignment is to ensure students preserve previously learned concepts and/or to familiarize students with information that will be introduced in the fall. We feel it is beneficial for students to have the opportunity to practice and apply skills that will be needed coming in to these courses to be successful.

English I - Standard 
English I - Honors 
English II - Standard & Honors 
English III - Standard 
English III - Honors + Major Works Data Sheet
English IV - Standard
English IV - Honors Major Works Data Sheet
AP English Language and Composition
AP Literature
Algebra 1 - Standard & Honors 
Algebra 2 - Honors
AP AB Calculus
AP BC Calculus 
Introduction to Engineering
AP Chemistry 
AP Seminar 
AP Research