Physical Education Courses

All students are required to take and satisfactorily complete Personal Fitness and one additional half-credit of another Physical Education course for graduation. Additional elective courses in Physical Education stress coeducational, individual and dual activities, as well as a variety of team sports and aquatics. STUDENTS MAY ONLY RECEIVE CREDIT FOR EACH PHYSICAL EDUCATION COURSE ONCE.

1501300 Personal Fitness - 0.5 Credit, 9-12

This course is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop an individual optimal level of physical fitness and acquire knowledge of the physical fitness concept. *REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION.

1501340 Weight Training 1 - 0.5 Credit Each, 9-12
1501350 Weight Training 2 - 0.5 Credit Each, 9-12
1501360 Weight Training 3 - 0.5 Credit Each, 9-12

This course is designed to provides opportunities to acquire basic knowledge and skill in weight training. It also adds to using those skills in the pursuit of physical fitness activities, improves muscular strength and enhances body image.

1502490 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries - 0.5 Credit, 9-12

This is an introductory course in methods and theories involved with prevention, care, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Satisfies the required 0.5 credit of Physical Education

0800320 First Aid & Safety - 0.5 Credit, 10-12
Prerequisite: Care & Prevention

This course provides an overview of the causes and preventions of unintentional injuries, appropriate emergency responses to those injuries and crisis response planning.

1503310 Basketball 1 - 0.5 Credit, 9-12
1503315 Basketball 2 - 0.5 Credit, 9-12

Basketball teaches basic knowledge and fundamental skills and techniques of the game. Emphasis will be placed on techniques, strategies, rules, safety practices and maintaining personal fitness 

1503350 Team Sports I 0.5 Credit, 9-12
1503360 Team Sports II 0.5 Credit, 9-12                      

Team Sports provides students with opportunities to acquire knowledge of the strategies of sports play and develop skills in selected team sports while maintaining and/or improving their personal fitness.

1504460 Swimming 1 - 0.5 Credit, 9-12
1504470 Swimming 2 0.5 Credit, 9-12

Swimming provides opportunities to acquire strokes and safety practices while maintaining and/or improving personal fitness. Swimming includes both the beginning and intermediate levels.  Basic swimming skill is preferred. 

1505500 Volleyball 1 - 0.5 Credit, 9-12
1505510 Volleyball 2 - 0.5 Credit, 9-12
1505520 Volleyball 3 - 0.5 Credit, 9-12

Volleyball provides students with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in the sport of volleyball while maintaining and/or improving their personal fitness. Emphasis is on skill development through drills and conditioning.