General Electives Courses

Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Program

1801300 ARMY JROTC Leadership Ed. Training 1 - 1 Credit,  9-12
1801310 ARMY JROTC Leadership Ed. Training 2 - 1 Credit,  9-12
1801320 ARMY JROTC Leadership Ed. Training 3 - 1 Credit,  9-12
1801330 ARMY JROTC Leadership Ed. Training 4 - 1 Credit,  9-12

Prerequisite: 2.0 GPA, positive behavior record is required.

The Army JROTC program is a progressive elective that teaches leader development by instilling a strong sense of integrity, responsibility, respect for others, ethics, critical thinking, and respect for authority. The curriculum includes serving in company and battalion leadership positions. This course does not train or recruit for the military; rather the Army JROTC mission is to motivate young people to be better citizens. Students must possess a sincere intent to participate and comply with the rigorous requirements of the program (uniform wear, grooming, drill / ceremonies, physical fitness, and community service). A minimum 2.0 CGPA and positive behavior record is required to progress to the next level.  Students may gain advanced military promotions if enlisting after graduation or compete for Senior ROTC scholarships and academy appointments. Students wear the Army JROTC uniform once a week. The uniform is issued (no cost) to students in positive academic standing.

Advanced Placement

0200320 AP Computer Science - 1 Credit, 11-12
Co-requisite: Honors Algebra II

This course is designed for the highly motivated college-bound student who wishes to pursue college level work while still in high school. Emphasis will be on Object Oriented Programming using the Java language, including the study of algorithms, data structures, and procedural and data abstraction. The challenging nature of this course requires the student to devote significant quantities of time and effort outside of regular class times, and students will need access to a computer outside of school. Based on the results of the AP exam, college credit may be awarded by participating colleges and universities.

0200335 AP Computer Science Principles1 Credit, 12

AP Computer Science Principles introduces students to the central ideas of computer science, inviting students to develop the computational thinking vital for success across multiple disciplines. The course is unique in its focus on fostering students to be creative and encouraging students to apply creative processes when developing computational artifacts. Students design and implement innovative solutions using an iterative process similar to what artists, writers, computer scientists, and engineers use to bring ideas to life.

Civic Engagement and Innovation Lab

1700300 - Research - 1 Credit, 9-12
1700310 - Research 2 - 1 Credit, 9-12
1700320 - Research 3 - 1 Credit, 9-12

The curriculum in this class is simple: use design thinking to solve real-world problems in the community and world. You take the lead on planning, implementing, and reflecting on the authentic work you choose. Become the master of your day as you set out to learn through passion, play, and purpose. Think, what are you passionate about? What skills will you need to develop? How will others benefit from your work? This course is designed to have you explore the impact you can have, develop your sense of self, and make real change. Join us in the problem solving and innovation lab and change your world.

Office Assistant

2104350 Engaged Citizenship 10.5 Credit, Pass/Fail 11-12
2104360 Engaged Citizenship 20.5 Credit, Pass/Fail 11-12

Prerequisite: Application required, excellent attendance, 3.0 GPA.

The purpose of the course is to enable students to develop intermediate level knowledge and skills in communication. Students will be assigned to strategic areas of the campus such as Guidance, Front office, etc. Do not place these courses on your course request sheet. You must submit an application for Office Assistant with your course request sheet.

Dual Enrollment—SSC

As per the Seminole County Public Schools Student Progression Plan, “Students enrolled in an approved dual enrollment course are exempt from the payment of registration, tuition, and laboratory fees for no more than nine credit hours per semester”.

5555555 Dual Enrollment11-12
Prerequisite: 3.0 unweighted GPA, and application.

Students who are interested in taking Dual Enrollment at Seminole State College must fill out a Dual Enrollment application. Consult your counselor before placing this program on your registration card. All dual enrollment coursework must be approved prior to registering.

SLS1301C Life and Career Planning - 0.5 Credit, 3 College Credits  11-12

Prerequisite: See description.

Life/Career Planning is a course designed to assist students with the lifelong process of career development. Students will participate in a variety of experiences as a group and individually. The coursework is designed to help students identify and examine their interests, personality, values, self-esteem, critical thinking skills and to use this increased self-awareness to make decisions about majors and careers. This course will emphasize that making an occupational career choice is a never-ending process subject to and affected by one’s personal maturity and environmental changes. Life/Career Planning is a three-credit course that applies as an elective towards the Associate in Arts degree. Students must have an SAT (24 Reading & 25 Writing & Language) OR ACT (19 English & 17 Reading) or PERT (106 Reading & 103 Writing) score and must meet the criteria for Academic Dual Enrollment in order to sign up (3.0 unweighted GPA).


2400300 Leadership I - 1 Credit - Pass/Fail, 9-12
2400310 Leadership 2 - 1 Credit - Pass/Fail, 9-12
0500520 Leadership 3 - 1 Credit - Pass/Fail, 9-12
0500530 Leadership 4 - 1 Credit - Pass/Fail, 9-12

Prerequisites: Instructor recommendation, and application

Leadership is scheduled for Student Government class officers and committee members as designated by Student Government Sponsor. Pick up an application from Mr. Plyler in room 03-003. Return completed applications to room 03-003.

Seminole County Virtual School

2018-19 Full-Time Virtual Education Required Enrollment Notice.

Please contact Jason Wysong (407.320.0212) with any questions.

Florida Statute 1002.45 requires school districts to provide parents with timely written notice of an annual enrollment period for full-time virtual education. Therefore, the following notice must be placed verbatim on each secondary school’s registration/schedule request card for 2018-19 and each elementary school’s 2017-18 third quarter report card; the statement will automatically appear on the district template but will need to be manually added to any school-generated template:

Notice: For the 2018-19 school year, SCPS will provide full-time virtual instruction options to students in grades K-12. Enrollment will be open from Mon., April 2, 2018 to Tues., August 7, 2018. For more information, please see your school counselor or visit

8888888 Virtual Lab, 9-12

Students have the opportunity to enroll in a Seminole County Virtual School class for credit.  Students that select a Seminole County Virtual School course ONLY are eligible to spend a period of the school day at Lyman High School in the Lyman virtual “ePathways” lab if space is available. Students enrolled in Florida Virtual School or other virtual school offerings are not eligible to spend a period of the day in the Lyman virtual “ePathways” lab.

On the Job Training

83004205 OJT - 5th period1 Credit, 11-12
83004206 OJT - 6th period1 Credit, 11-12

Prerequisites: Must have a job and submit paycheck stubs.