Advanced Placement Courses

How Does AP Benefit Students?

AP students demonstrate scholarship on national and international academic levels. AP students study in greater depth and improve their chances of being accepted by the college of their choice. AP students are often exempt from introductory courses in college and proceed to more advanced courses.

AP Courses Offered At Lyman

Advance Placement Capstone

  • AP Research
  • AP Seminar


  • AP Music Theory
  • AP Art History


  • AP English Language
  • AP English Literature


  • AP Calculus AB 
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics

Social Studies

  • AP European History
  • AP Government
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Macro Economics
  • AP US History
  • AP Psychology
  • AP World History


  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Physics 2
  • AP Physics C
  • AP Environmental Sci.
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP Comp. Sci. Princ.

AP Capstone

Developed by College Board, AP Capstone provides the opportunity for students to develop critical thinking, research, and communication skills.  Students complete AP Seminar and AP Research along with any four other AP courses.  Upon successful completion of all six AP courses, and a level 3 or higher on the respective AP exams, students will receive the AP Capstone Diploma.

AP Seminar    1700350    1 Credit

AP Seminar, the first course in the AP Capstone experience, allows students to investigate real-world issue form multiple perspectives as well as gather and analyze information from various sources in order to develop credible and valid evidence-base arguments. This foundational course focuses on the importance of engaging students in cross-curricular conversations and the efficient use of evidence based reasoning. Using an inquiry framework, students practice reading and analyzing articles; research studies, a foundational literary and philosophical texts; listen to and analyze speeches, broadcasts and personal accounts; and experience artistic works and performances. Students learn to synthesize information and visual presentations, both individually and as part of a team. Ultimately, the course aims to equip student with the power to analyze and evaluate information with accuracy and precision in order to craft and communicate evidence-based arguments.

AP Research    1700355    1 Credit

AP Research, the second course in the AP Capstone experience, allows students to deeply explore an academic topic, problem, issue, or idea of individual interest. Students design, plan, and implement a year-long investigation to address a research question. Through this inquiry, they further the skills they acquired in the AP Seminar course by learning research methodology, employing ethical research practices, and accessing, analyzing, and synthesizing information. Students reflect on their skill development, document their processes, and curate the artifacts of their scholarly work through a process and reflection portfolio. The course culminates in an academic paper of approximately 4,000-5,000 words (accompanied by a performance, exhibit, or product where applicable) and a presentation with an oral defense. Students are highly encouraged to register concurrently for a statistics course, if they have not already completed one. Please see your academic counselor for a consultation on what track works best for you.