Weekly Principal’s Update



Good morning parents, this is Mr. Rice, Principal of Lyman High School and this is your Weekly Principal’s Update!

The first day of school is tomorrow!  We look forward to serving you and your child/children this school year.  We are ready to go and can’t wait to see the Greyhound Family together on campus! 

Here are a few items of importance that I wanted to share with you.


For the first week, our schedule will be adjusted in order for all students to meet all of their teachers.  Click HERE for details on when each bell will ring and what classes students should plan to attend. In addition, the Blue/Gold Calendar can be found on our website on the Calendars page.


School starts each day at 7:20am and concludes at 2:20pm with the exception of Wednesday’s when we conclude at 1:20pm.  Students are not permitted to be on campus prior to 7:00am and after 3:00pm unless under the direct supervision of a teacher, coach, or sponsor.


See Something, Say Something, Do Something

Greyhounds, you have been great with this effort!  Let us not forget that the safety of all is of the utmost importance.  Our students and families often hear information before we do.  If you see or hear something, be sure to say something, and even more important, be sure to Do Something about it.  If you would prefer to be anonymous, you can utilize the Speakout Hotline (www.speakouthotline.org) or download the new school safety app, P3 Campus, select our school, and report your concern.  All tips are anonymous.  Click HERE for more information.

Fencing Addition

We have added fencing on the backside of the campus for additional security measures.  Here are a few things students will need to know, especially for those who drive to campus.

  • Once inside the perimeter of the interior of campus, the exterior is off limits without supervision. This includes the parking lot.  Students are not permitted to go to the parking lot to retrieve personal items at any time during the day.
  • Gates will be locked at 7:20am. Students who arrive late will need to check-in with Mr. Ready at the main entrance near the auditorium.  He will then call for someone to meet you at the back fence gate to allow you to enter
  • Students who arrive late due to having a Virtual Course in the morning will need to arrive between 9:00am-9:15am and enter through the gate between Automotive and the Gymnasium.  This gate will be staffed by security to allow only students without a 1st or 2nd period to enter.


Underclassmen photos are scheduled for Wednesday, August 15th.  Photos will be taken through English classes.  Is your child not taking an English class on campus?  Show your 2nd period teacher your schedule to inform him/her that you do not have an English Class on August 15th and they will permit students to go to the Auditorium. 


As a school, we utilize the Hero K12 System to track positive behaviors as well as behaviors that require interventions.  Our positive reinforcement system will focus on rewarding students for the behaviors we expect to see.  Students will receive points and will be eligible to receive various rewards throughout the year.  We will also continue to track behaviors that require interventions with this system, but we will limit this to cell phone, dress code, and tardy infractions.  The beauty of this this system is that there is a phone app for parents that will provide real time notifications of your child’s behavior progress relative to the previously described actions.  When your child receives positive points, if you are registered in the system, you will be alerted.  If they were tardy, the system will notify you of the infraction and the assigned intervention.  For more information on how to register, please click HERE.


Punctuality is an important skill for high school students to develop, and Lyman High School is committed to academic responsibility including, reporting to class on time.  Teachers are required to shut their classroom doors on the last scheduled bell for each class period. No student is allowed into the classroom without a pass. Students late for class will be referred to an administrator or the front office to obtain the required pass.


The Student Services Team has worked hard to finalize schedules based on student registrations that started last February.  However, if you notice an issue with your student’s schedule (i.e. Already took and passed a class, do not have the prerequisite for a class, or are a Senior missing a class for graduation), Schedule Change Forms will be available in the Student Services Office.  In addition, Counselors will be available during break and lunch periods the first week of school to assist students with schedule changes.  The last day to request a schedule change will be Friday, August 17th.    


Are you interested in receiving text messages for last minute notices or updates when things are happening on campus?  Click HERE for more information on how to ensure that your phone will receive information from both Lyman HS and SCPS.

We are excited to announce that we have developed an additional course for all students entitled, the Greyhound Paws Period.  The purpose of the mentor period is to pair students with a teacher mentor that can provide consistent support and guidance to help students achieve at high levels and gain additional college and career readiness skills. 

This course will meet once per month between 2nd and 3rd period on select Wednesday’s.  Students have been assigned to a faculty member based on their grade level, which will allow us to differentiate the lessons based on the needs of the child’s grade.  For instance, during one of the lessons, underclassmen will learn about Organization and Time Management while our upperclassmen will learn about Post-Secondary Planning (early decision dates, career planning, college applications, letters of recommendation, transcript requests, etc.).  Additionally, your child will remain in this same Paws Period throughout the remainder of their high school career. 

On your child’s schedule, you will notice this course, Paws C/O 20XX, listed as period 9, 10, 11, or 12. Our Paws period will take place once per month and the dates can be seen on the Blue/Gold Calendar as an orange day, which is attached to this email.  For the first three days of the school year, students will first report to Paws class prior to attending periods 1-7.  This will give us the opportunity to distribute all of the required forms, collect completed forms, review the purpose of the Paws Period, and allow students and teachers of this course to get to know each other.

This course is an opportunity for us to team together to add an additional layer to the education your child will receive.  We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to teach your child and we look forward to an outstanding year!


We do not have a school supplies list but what we typically say is to wait until the first day of school to get specific information. For the most part, if your child comes prepared with paper, pencils, pens, and a binder or two to organize their work, then they will be fine.  Individual classroom teachers will share more information on the first day of school.

Just a final reminder!  Several courses offered at Lyman High School require a summer assignment to be completed upon students return to classes for the 2018-19 school year. The purpose of the summer assignment is to ensure students preserve previously learned concepts and/or to familiarize students with information that will be introduced in the fall. We feel it is beneficial for students to have the opportunity to practice and apply skills that will be needed coming in to these courses to be successful.

You can find a list of the course names along with details for each assignment on Lyman High School’s website. If you have any questions, please email the contact name provided within each assignment document.

To access the listing of Summer Assignments, click HERE


Click HERE to view a great opportunity for any girls interested in the field of Aviation!


Click HERE for this week’s Bell Schedule

Friday          7-Period Day with Paws Period to start the day

Monday        7-Period Day with Paws Period to start the day

Tuesday       7-Period Day with Paws Period to start the day

Wednesday  7-Period Wednesday Schedule (No Paws – Report to 1st Period to start)

Thursday     BLUE Day – (1, 3, 7, 5)

Friday          GOLD Day – (2, 4, 7, 6)


(Visit the Lyman Activity Calendar for more information)

  • Parking Sales Resume – August 10th  - Athletics Office
  • First Day of School for 2018-2019 - August 10th 
  • School Picture Day – August 15th – English Classes
  • Open House 2018-19 - August 30th – Note the Date Change
  • Senior Photos – Ongoing – Register at www.dsp.com for your session.

Remember, you matter, we matter, Everyone Matters at Lyman High School.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help your child succeed!


Michael J. Rice
Lyman High School